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We are Fine Lion


Producer/vocalist/guitarist Jake Coyle formed Fine Lion as a focal point for a community of like minded artists to come together and co-create. Drummer John Burkholder joined the band soon thereafter and, along with a number of special guests, completes their thoughtful and inspired sound. 

Fine Lion released their debut album, 'Side One', in June 2014. Focused on songwriting and melodies, this album shows the band's love for classic rock while adding some fresh perspective. 

The song 'We Were There' takes you to 'Band on the Run' era Wings but with a bit more guitar-driven energy than most Wings songs have. 'Hi Ho' and 'Quarrelsome Queen' are completely different worlds but they both benefit from a tasteful and elegant use of instrumentals and atmosphere, creating an irresistibly turbulent mood. 'The Firing Line' is a warm and jaunty rocker with lots of positive overtone, despite the underlying lyrical depravity. Finally, 'She' imagines what a collaboration between Brian Wilson and Radiohead might sound like. Solid rhythm and drive, drenched in wet, reverberating harmonies. 

More recently, the band has released a pair of singles with more on the way. 'Evaporation Nation' and 'Time Locked Cage' are steeped in rock n roll vibe; both feature soaring harmonies and some great guitar tones.



Featuring (Past & Present):

Jake Coyle / Vocals, Guitar, Producer, Songwriter

John Burkholder / Keyboard, Co-producer, Drums

Jeffrey Lorien / Guitar

Tom Predey / Bass

Daniel Reza / Drums

Grahame O'Shea / Drums

Michael Mattice / Guitar, Bass, Co-Producer

Eric Harrison / Co-producer, Bass, Songwriter

Dustin Doering / Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Paul Murray / Keyboard

Tim Moen / Bass